Cables for Basic Stamp 2

Note that the Basic Stamp 2 interfaces with the PC's serial port. (A Parallel Port Cable may be used for the Basic Stamp 1.)

25-pin Serial - $10.00. This consists of a three foot piece of flex cable with a DB25 Female on one side and a 26 pin IDS header on the other and a separate 26 pin male header with wirewrap terminals. The DB25 interfaces with your PC's serial port and the 26 pin IDS header mates with the 26 pin male header with the wirewrap terminals. The wirewrap terminals may be bent so as to plug into a solderless breadboard.

9-pin Serial - $7.00. This is the same except the connector on the PC side is a 9-pin female and a 10 pin IDS connector on the other. A ten pin male header with wirewarp terminals for interfacing with a solderless breadboard is also supplied.

In both arrangements a connection between the RTS and DTR leads and connections to the Basic Stamp are made on the breadboard. Diagrams showing the connections are provided.