Animated Float using the PICAXE

This is an animated float which took First Prize in a recent British Columbia parade. The photos and the discussion were kindly provided to me by a PICAXE enthusiast.

The deer's head goes down to feed (microswitch) for a few seconds then moves to head up position like its heard something, after a couple of seconds the tail moves a few times then a pause and it moves again. After another pause of about five seconds the cycle repeats.

The bear has a small butterfly attached by a thin wire to its nose. Its head and right arm move like its trying to swat the butterfly. The kids loved it.

Both animals are made from 3/4" welded steel tubing with SM (blue) insulation glued to it then carved to shape and covered with fabric. My artist friend is amazing.

The motors are Saturn windshield wiper motors with an added transmission on each one.

One Picaxe-18X does the work along with Opto 22 I/O to drive the motors. The program uses so little of the processor's resources that I'm sure we could have managed with the 08M.

The artist that I worked with is keen to do a lot more in the area of kinetic sculpture so I'm sure we'll be doing some interesting things in the near future.