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Shipping to the US is calculated by my PayPal account based on the amount of the order. This is $3.90 and up. You can see the amount for shipping change as you add items to your cart.

I no longer ship international including Canada. Sorry.

PayPal will add 6 percent sales tax for Maryland residents.


I will be selling out my stock of Picaxe and closing the store.  Products listed as out of stock will not be restocked.

Out of Stock--All Picaxe Chips   links below to other stores



Book by noted Nuts & Volts author Ron Hackett.

Amazon Link: PICAXE Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius

AXE133Y - Budget Serial OLED Display. 16X2, Kit, Uses a preprogrammed PICAXE-18M2 (included with kit) . Datasheet

New. The CHI030 and CHI035 boards have been redesigned. These are the CHI030B and CHI035 boards listed below. (18M2 chip not included)