Additional Flashlite V25 C Language Routines

During the Fall, '00 Semester, additional routines will be developed. These will not be placed on this web site, but will be made available to those who are insterested as they are developed. The cost is $10.00 (US and Canada) or $15 (All Others). During the time these are being developed, the code which has been developed will be e-mailed to you every three weeks (minimum) and when the discussion involves drawings, they will be mailed via the USPS.

Please appreciate that the need to charge for additional code is necessary to defray the cost of the JKMicro hardware which was purchased for this development and to pay my students to develop and test software.

These routines will include the following. If there is a good response to this offering, additional routines beyond those listed below will be developed.

  • Measuring Relative Humdity using a 555 and G-CAP-II humidity sensitive capacitor.
  • Measuring Wind Speed.