PIC16F87X Development Package with Olimex Serial ICD

Feb, '11. Note. This is no longer available.


This is a comprehensive development package for the PIC16F87X family including an Olimex Serial In Circuit Debugger which is fully compatible with the Microchip ICD 2. It includes an extensive collection of C language routines (CCS), an Olimex Tiny ICD2, solderless breadboard, voltage regualtor, PIC16F877A and associated crystal and resonator, logic monitor, wall power units and a collection of LEDs, potentiometer, speaker and thermistor, enough to familiarize the user with virtually every feature of the PICs.


This package was first developed in Dec, '00 using the Microchip ICD, which later became known as the Microchip ICD1. However, rather than using the clumsy telephone connector to interface with the target, I used a telephone connector terminal block to breakout the leads. In late 2002, Advanced Transdata who manufactured the ICD for Microchip closed its doors and I began using the Olimex ICD1. This constrained the user to the PIC16F87x series using MPLAB 5.7x. In late 2005, I began offering the package with the Olimex Tiny ICD2. This permits the user to use the latest versions of MPLAB and either debug or program most modern Microchip PICs.

Note that the TinyICD2 may be used for debugging many modern PICs, but may also be used as a programmer. In fact, as a programmer alone, it is probably the best buy around. Supported Devices.

Content of the Full Package.