FAX Security

Please note that the FAX is in my home and thus your credit card information is seen or heard by only my family (and beagle and four cats). The FAX is located in one of my son's former bedroom and doesn't disturb anyone. FAX anytime of the day or night

Upon receipt of an order via FAX, e-mail or US mail, I post the town or city to "Order Status". As you know, sometimes FAXes just don't go through and then you are waiting getting mighty irritated with me and I never received your FAX. This doesn't happen often, but it does from time to time. Thus, if you don't see your order posted within a day, there probably was a failure.

I am sorry I don't have a voice telephone number. This is very much a "garage type" operation and you will only end up getting my wife who has no idea what I do. She just lets me do it.