Tutorial #2 - Downloading a .S19 File to the 8X Prompro


Although you may manually make entries in the RAM associated with the prom bower, it is tedious and inefficient if there are more than 100 bytes of data.

This tutorial shows how you can upload a .S19 file from the PC to the prom blower. The .S19 file format was developed by Motorola.

What is a .S19 File.

Here is a sample .S19 file which might be on your PC disk.

     S1 ..

I'm guessing. The first line has an S1 identifier, indicating the start address is given in the line. The 14 indicates there are 14 hex (20 decimal) bytes. 0020 is the first location. This is followed by 17 decimal bytes of data and one byte is used a s a check sum. Thus, there are a total of 20 bytes of data including the address, the data to be programmed and the check sum. The second and subsequent lines might be similar. Note the last line has an S9 identifier, which I assume indicates it is the last line.

Downloading a .S19 File to the Prom Blower

Connect to the Prompro 8X using the SDPC software. At the main menu;

Important. The 8X will quickly prompt as to whether you desire to transfer another file. This gives the impression that the download is complete. It may not be. Wait 30 seconds and then answer No, you don't want to transfer another file.

Then use the D and X commands to Dump and Examine memory to verify the download was successful.

To then program the PROM;

Summary. This tutorial showed how to download a .S19 file from a PC to the Prom Blower and then program the prom. Tutorial #3 shows how you can create a .S19 file.