HVT-1820 Temperature Kit for Home Vision Units

The HVT-1820 is a minor modification of the KIT-1820 which was specifically developed for users of the Home Vision home automation system.

Data is returned in multiple lines in the following format. There is no single line option.

0 122
1 039
2 255
3 255
4 255
5 255
6 255
7 255 
The first field refers to the channel and the second is the temperature in degrees F plus 50 degrees. That is, a data reading of 122 is interpretted as a temperature reading of 122 - 50 or 72 degrees F. A data reading of 39 is similarly interpretted as a temperature reading of -11 degrees F.

If a DS1820 is not found on a channel a value of 255 is returned.

The idea here is to keep all data unsigned, avoid decimals, provide a fixed field length of three and provide a reading in degrees F.

Please note that I know absolutely nothing about the Home Vision system. I believe you will need the basic unit plus a serial expansion board. But, you really should check with them as to the equipment required to inter face with this kit.

On the flip side, you really don't need a Home Vision system to use this kit. The operation is the same as the KIT-1820. The only modification is the format of the returned data.

Please order this as HVT-1820.