Context Specific Help using TurboC

When in the TurboC editor, place the cursor under any key word. Examples of keywords are;


To obtain help on that specific item, hit ctrl-F1. I find this faster than constantly referring back to a text when I am uncertain of the exact syntax. For example, I simply type;


and then locate the cursor under this word and hit ctrl-F1.

In addition, this help indicates where the prototype for the function is located. For example, using this context specific help on


indicates the prototype is in "conio.h". Thus, you know to include the statement;

    #include < conio.h>

You might also try locating the cursor under < stdio.h> or < math.h> or similar. Use of this help will then list all of the functions which are prototyped in that header file. This is a handy resource for finding useful functions.