Turbo C Editor Commands

The following is a useful summary of editing commands. Please learn them, particularly the block commands, as they can save you many hours of painfully retyping.

Basic Cursor Movement Commands.

Character left          Left
Character right         Right
Line up                 Up
Line down               Down
Scroll up               Ctrl-W
Scroll down             Ctrl-Z
Page up                 PgUp
Page down               PgDn

Quick Cursor Movement Commands.

Beginning of line           Home
End of line                 End
Beginning of file           Ctrl Home
End of file                 Ctrl End

Insert and Delete Commands.

Insert Mode On/Off          Insert
Delete line                 Ctrl-Y

Block Commands.

Mark block begin            ctrl-KB
Mark block end              ctrl-KK
Copy marked block           ctrl-KC
Move marked block           ctrl-KV
Delete Marked Block         ctrl-KY
Write block to file         ctrl-KW
Read from a file            ctrl-KR

Miscellaneous Commands.

Load file                   F3
Save                        F2
Quit TurboC                 alt-X

Find 	                    ctrl-QF

 You will then be prompted for a search string.  Option F
    searches forward and Option B searches backward.